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The Eastern New Town starts from the Century Avenue in the west, to the East Outer Rim in the east, and from the railway in the south to the Tongtu Road in the north, with a gross area of 15.85 square kilometers.


The Eastern New Town is the new urban core of Ningbo, and also a new center of Ningbo politics, economy, culture and business. It constructs the overall spatial layout of “one city and two centers” with Sanjiangkou, the center of the old Town. It demonstrates the Chinese level, the international standard and future insight to the whole world with an unprecedented layout and view, and serves as a portal area showing the international urban image of Ningbo.



The overall planning and urban designing of the core district of the Eastern New Town are assumed by American Edaw Urban Design, one of the largest land and environment planning and design companies in the world, and the Eastern New Town creates two distinctive modern features: ecological environment above ground and underground complex utility corridor.


In the 15.85 square kilometers of the Eastern New Town, its water area is 16.2%, and its green area is 19.6%, which is the only one of its kind in construction among city centers in China; and the complex utility corridor effectively solves problems concerning pipelines, roads and the environment, and with the overall length of about 10 kilometers and the service region area of about 8 square kilometers, it is the first one in Zhejiang Province and also is rare in China.


The Eastern New Town is located at the geometric center of the future urban structure of Ningbo, only 7 kilometers away from Ningbo Railway Station, and half an hour’s drive from Tianyi Business District, Ningbo Lishe International Airport and other urban districts. It enjoys natural advantages in terms of its location.


In the region, rail transit Line 1, Line 5 (the first phase under construction) and Line 7 (under planning) interweave with each other to zoom in its distance to every place of the main city; the main roads of urban traffic, such as Tongtu Road, Century Avenue, South Ring Road and East Outer Ring crisscross the region; expressways such as Hangzhou-Ningbo Expressway, Ningbo Belt Expressway and Ningbo-Taizhou-Wenzhou Expressway are very close to it, so transportation to inside and outside of Ningbo is convenient.







As the new center of Ningbo, the Eastern New Town has a complete set of infrastructure and supporting facilities.

More than 20 city-level administrative departments are located here, including the Municipal Administrative Service Center;

Here gathers a dozen of educational institutions for all age groups, such as East Campus of Ningbo Xiaoshi High School, HD Experimental School, an international bilingual school and Ningbo Art Experimental School of East China Normal University;

Here locate a dozen of top hospitals and specialized medical institutions, such as Ningbo Eye Hospital, Affiliated Branch of Yinzhou People’s Hospital and Ningbo Taikang Medical and Recuperating Institution.

The Eastern New Town satisfies various life needs in a one-stop manner.


In the “primacy ratio” mindset of Ningbo’s real estate market, the Eastern New Town always is the best, leaving other districts far behind. In the age 1.0, Neighbors of Rivers and Lakes is the favorite of the high net-value group, which has taken the top three places of new real estate selling price ranking; in the future, when the Ming Lake section gradually shapes up, a new top-of-the-town area will appear in Ningbo.


Within the whole Ningbo city, the Eastern New Town has already become the living center which Ningbo people dream of, and this hot land has also become the developing highland of the real estate market of Ningbo. Dozens of real estate giants, such as Hongtai, Wharf, Kerry Properties, Poly Group and Evergrande Group, come in a continuous stream, competing with each other to present their sincere works.




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